Number 6 captions

Number 1
1. William “Bill” Wilson (1895-1971) A.A. co-founder with “sponsor” Edwin “Ebby” T. (1897-1966). Ebby brought the Oxford Group Movement message to Bill.
Number 2
2. William “Silky” Silkworth, M.D. (1874-1951) Towns Hospital Physician-In-Chief. Bill W. was his patient. He was on of A.A.’s earliest supporters in the medical profession.
Number 3
3. Charles E. Towns Hospital, 293 Central Park West, N.Y.C. Bill W. was a patient here three times, and this was the location of his spiritual experience in December, 1934.


Number 4
4. Rev. Dr. Samuel M. Shoemaker, Jr., (1893-1963) Pastor, Calvary Episcopal church, N.Y.C. (1925-1951). He was the leader of the Oxford Group Movement in the United States (1921-1938). His teachings inspired Bill W. and the early A.A. members.
Number 2
5. Mayflower Hotel, Akron, Ohio. view of lobby where Bill W. phoned Rev. Walter F. Tunks, D.D., which resulted in a meeting with A.A. co-founder to be, Dr. Robert “Bob” Smith (1879-1950).
Number 6
6. Seiberling Estate Gatehouse, Akron, Ohio. Where Bill W. and Dr. Bob were introduced by Mrs. Henrietta Seiberling (1898-1979
St. Thomas Hospital, Akron, Ohio
7. Sister M. Ignatia, (1899-1966) of the sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. Dr. Bob’s Partner in treating alcoholics at St. Thomas Hospital, Akron, from (1939-1952)
Number 3
8. St. Thomas Hospital, Akron, Ohio. In 1939, Sister M. Ignatia, Registrar, and Dr. Bob Smith established an alcoholic ward here.
Number 3
9. American Public Health Associations’s Lasker Award; presented to A.A. for contributions in the field of Public Health at San Francisco, October, 1953.
Number 9
10. Dr. Bob Smith. (L) seated with Bill Wilson at Akron, Ohio in 1949.