What is Group Conscious?

b-1_bigbook I have often tried to get a “Grip” on what Group Conscious meant. It seems like I was getting different definitions from each person I talked to.
Here’s what I found from AA literature. The Principles play a BIG part…see the link below.
“Once we have spoken our minds, however, the 9th tradition tells us to relax and let our Higher Power take charge of the meeting. We find that we cannot force our will on the AA group, no matter how right it may seem to us. ~ AA wisdom”
“Some person wiser than me once counseled me to let go of my expectations of the program as a whole, meetings, and the AA structure as a whole. She told me that it is not responsibility to make AA last or survive the many changes and people that come through those doors. Bend with the breeze, or be broken by it. From time to time, I have to be reminded of this. If you have been around as long or longer than me, you will have noticed that new people bring in new ideas. Not all ideas are right.I remember one gal came in and immediately campaigned and won her right to change the wording of the How It Works! Guess what: she went back to drinking and the group recovered and prospered via the experience. Here are some tradition #9 questions for consideration that you may want to use in your meetings:

  1. Does our meeting support our leaders and service providers?
  2. Are we critical of those who are giving service and suspicious of their motives?
  3. Are we mature enough to take responsibility for the well-being of AA and our own recovery programs. Take some time to survey your groups and help others embrace the traditions as that glue that binds us to each other and to AA.”

I know this is not a perfect answer but it does help me and my recovery.

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